Supera - UR1R-1 27-1/2" 1-Door Undercounter Refrigerator

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Commercial refrigerator
Total Number of Compartments: 1
Swinging or Sliding: Swinging
Refrigerator Style: Undercounter / Work top
Ship Weight: 187.4 lbs.;
Access Method: Door;
Amps: 3.2;
Backsplash: No;
Cubic Feet: 6.5;
Dimensions (H x W x D): 36.6" x 27.5" x 30";
Door Type: Solid;
Horsepower: 1/4;
Hz.: 60;
Number of Doors: 1;
Number of Sections: 1;
Opening Style: Swing;
Pass-Through: No;
Phase: 1;
Shelves: 1;
Temperature: 33°F - 38°F;
Voltage: 115;

The day is done. Once you walk through the kitchen doors, you’re free as a bird. As you glide through the kitchen with freedom in your sights, you strike your shin against something hard. You want to be so angry, but when you look down at the culprit, you can’t help but smile. That’s because you remember all the good times you’ve had with your Supera 27-1/2” Undercounter Refrigerator (UR1R-1). Sure, it might have bashed your shin, but you remember that you’re the one who left it out when you wheeled it out to clean its smooth stainless steel surface. Then you remember how before that it fit so nicely beneath your countertop, saving you a ton of space. And then you remember why you bought it: it keeps your ingredients out of the way and fresh throughout the day. Now how could you be angry at that? BETTER SEEN AND NOT HEARD The stainless steel exterior of the Supera 27-1/2” Undercounter Refrigerator is a joy to look at, so much so that you might feel guilty hiding it away. But when it is beneath the countertop, you won’t have to worry about hearing it run. This unit operates quiet as a whisper. LOW STATURE, LOW HASSLE Since the refrigerator is so low, that means cleaning and maintenance is no problem. The stainless steel surface cleans easily. The bottom-mounted condenser unit is easy to keep clean and offers easy access if maintenance is needed. COOL RUNNING Sometimes you just want to rearrange things. Some things are so heavy that it might cause you to question your own sanity when you made that decision. There’s no need to worry with the Supera 27-1/2" Undercounter Refrigerator. It has four casters so that you can easily move it where you need it the most. Features

Stainless steel exterior;
304 steel interior;
Four factory-mounted casters;
Bottom-mounted condenser;

Stows away quietly;
Durable, easy to clean;
Long-lasting interior;
Can be moved where it’s needed most;
Energy efficient;

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