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Blefa Kegs, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Blefa") is a worldwide leading manufacturer of stainless steel containers (hereinafter referred to as "kegs") for the beverage industry. Our aim is to offer our customers high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly kegs.
The 30-year guarantee only covers defects in the kegs as defined in number (3) below. The original guarantee period will not be extended in the event of a service provided under warranty (see no. 6). The guarantee does not cover personal injury, damage to property and financial loss.
(1) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the guarantee rights shall be valid for the first purchaser (hereinafter referred to as "customer") of new kegs produced by Blefa. A transfer of this guarantee or of individual rights arising therefrom shall not be possible in the event of a resale of the keg to a third party.
(2) Guarantee conditions:
2D barcode marked by laser during production by Blefa or alternatively RFID transponder.
Blefa manufacturer package.
Date of manufacture from 01.01.2013.
Submission of the invoice with promise of guarantee.
The kegs must undergo a service at intervals of no more than seven years by a GNKS partner company (Global Network Keg Services, www.gnks.eu) or by a service company approved in writing by Blefa. The policyholder shall be obligated to provide evidence of this service in the event of a guarantee case.
(3) Guarantee coverage:
Quality of welds with regards to stability and permeability.
Production of the stainless steel kegs (top and bottom chimb made of stainless steel, keg body and neck) in compliance with the specification.
Corrosion resistance of the surfaces.
(4) Guarantee exclusion:
Signs of wear (such as dents, scratches, damage to the screen print, etc).
Damage caused by incorrect handling or filling with unapproved beverages.
Open burst disk.
Rust from external sources (e.g. caused by contact with other rusting metals, rust-containing water, sodium chloride or chlorine, etc.).
For extractor tubes, plastic parts and component groups only the legal warranty applies.

(4a) Definition of approved beverages:
Beer (alcoholic, non-alcoholic).
Wine (alcoholic, non-alcoholic).
Fruit juices.
Mineral water.
Cola, lemonade, mixed drinks.
(4b) Definition of correct handling:
Filling with approved beverages only.
No physical force or misuse of the keg.
Professional handling and transport.
Use of the keg within the approved operating pressure (see the manufacturer package on the keg for details).
No exposure of filled kegs to temperatures < 0° C / > 60º C // < 32° F / > 140°F.
Kegs must not be filled in excess of the stated volume capacity.
Kegs must be cleaned and filled using equipment specifically designed for keg processing.
(5) Guarantee process:
a. Request of a complaint number from Blefa by the customer (www.kegwarranty.com).
b. Verification of the guarantee case by Blefa by means of the documents provided (detailed description of damage and pictures).
c. If the complaint is justified, the guarantee will be handled in accordance with no. 6.
d. At the discretion of Blefa, the place of fulfilment of the guarantee shall be either the place of fulfilment specified in the sales contract in accordance with the agreed Incoterms or the head office of Blefa. In the event of a justified guarantee case, Blefa will bear the lowest costs of return.
(6) At its own discretion, Blefa will perform justified warranty services in one of the following ways:
Repair by Blefa or by a third company authorized by Blefa.
Replacement of the kegs subject to complaint.
Monetary compensation (credit note for the amount of the current value).
(7) The customer agrees that Blefa and service companies authorized by Blefa may store, process and exchange relevant customer data to validate the guarantee claim. The transfer of this data to third parties is prohibited.

(8) Applicable law and place of jurisdiction:
German law shall apply exclusively and shall exclude the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as well as any conflicts of laws and provisions.
The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Siegen in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Kreuztal, 14th December 2012
Blefa Kegs, Inc.

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