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Automatic Capper for Plastic Caps

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Item #: 9998C05 Cap Bottles and Containers Securely and RapidlyThese compact yet powerful units are designed to securely seal plastic caps onto bottles. The capping process is extremely simple: 1. Place Cap On Bottle 2. Place Bottle Into Machine 3. Extract Capped Bottle They are used by the beverage, food, cosmetic, agricultural, pharma and chemical industries, among others. They are completely self-contained and require only 220V of electrical current to operate. Features: Work Capacity 20 pcs/min (depending on operator speed) Cap Diameter 25 ~ 40 mm Ø (0.98 ~ 1.57 inches Ø) Bottle Height 50 ~ 320 mm H (1.96 ~ 12.59 inches H) Electro mechanic Operation Simple to Use - Minimal Operator Training Rugged Steel Construction Controls: Master ON/OFF Switch Other Specifications: Voltage 220V/50-60Hz Machine Power: 370 W Machine Size: 546 x 180 x 930 mm (21.5 inches x 7 inches x 36.5 inches) Machine Weight: 65 Kg

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