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Glass bottle
Bottle Caps: With Caps and Without Caps
Exact Shape: Boston Round
Boston Round bottles, also known as Winchester bottles, feature a round shoulder design that has proven reliable a thousand times over for containing almost any liquid or solid. These bottles are ideal for a wide variety of applications and uses, including:

Lotions and other cosmetics
Hair products
Essential oils

Boston Round bottles are available in .5 OZ, 1 OZ, 2 OZ, 4 OZ, 8 OZ, 16 OZ, and 32 OZ capacities. We offer a variety of colors like amber, which provide UV protection for light-sensitive materials. You’ll also find blue, cobalt blue, clear, and frosted colors.

We offer a diversity of caps to meet every need. Our Boston Rounds cap options include:

Fine mist sprayers
Lotion pumps
Screw tops
Treatment pumps
If you’re in need of a large supply of quality glass bottles for your business, Freund has you covered. We offer wholesale and volume pricing on high-quantity orders, plus fast delivery. Our Boston Round glass bottles offer a classic shelf appeal and a versatility that extends across a variety of industries. From farmer’s markets to science labs, these iconic bottles will get it done. When it comes to the wholesale container needs of your business, Freund is a partner you can trust. We’ve been supplying Boston Round glass bottles and other glass containers for more than 75 years. Shop today and put our expertise to work for you!

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