Wholesale Glass Bottles with Lug Caps

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Glass bottle
Color: Clear / Flint
Neck Style: Lug style screw cap
Here you’ll find our collection of glass jugs and glass decanters with lug caps. Metal lug caps feature plastisol liners that vacuum seal when cooling down from hot temperatures, ensuring your product stays fresh for longer periods of time. These lug cap containers are great for:

Barbecue, ketchup, and other sauces
Marinades and salad dressings
Juices and other beverages

Lug caps are acid resistant and ideal for storing tomato-based products and many other foods and liquids. Unlike other lids, metal lug caps only require a half twist to close – but they seal extremely well!

Our glass jugs and decanters with lug caps are available in a variety of capacities ranging from 7.2 to 16 ounces. The clear glass is perfect for showing off your product’s natural vibrant color, and the gold lug caps provide an attractive classic look as well. Whether shipping out marinades or bottling your own juices, these lug cap glass decanters and jugs will meet your needs.

Our lug cap bottles are available in cases of 12 bottles, as well as pallets for larger orders. The clear glass jars can also be bulk packed for savings of up to 50%. Be sure to request a quote for volume discounting if your business plans to place an order of $5,000 or more.

Freund has been at the forefront of the container and supply industry since 1938. That’s more than 75 years serving a diversity of happy customers. If you or your business is on the lookout for high-quality lug cap glass jars or decanters, your search is over. Shop our selection today and find the right shape and price for your needs.

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