Wholesale Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles

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Glass bottle
Color: Clear / Flint  and Amber / Brown
Bottle Caps: With Caps and Without Caps
General Shape: Round and Other
Neck Style: Continuous thread screw cap
Exact Shape: Syrup
Freund offers glass pharmaceutical bottles in all shapes and capacities. From small quantities to bulk storage, anything found at your local pharmacy can find a home in these high-quality glass pharmaceutical containers. Here you’ll find:

Graduated media bottles
Blake bottles
Syrup bottles

Why Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles?
Glass pharmaceutical containers – as opposed to plastic – are ideal for storing and dispensing liquids and other medicinal products. If you’re looking to protect your products from UV radiation, amber glass is a great option. We also offer graduated bottles that make for easy and accurate measurements. Wide necks and tops ensure easy filling and dispensing.

Secure Caps for Every Application
When it comes to pharmaceutical containers, safe and secure caps are essential. At Freund, we offer a variety of cap types that will ensure medications are safe. You’ll find:

White polypropylene tamper-evident sensocaps
White polypropylene child-resistant sensocaps
Black phenolic caps with pump and vinyl liners
Black phenolic caps with LDPE liners
Black phenolic caps with rubber liners
We also offer bottles with either optional caps or no caps at all – giving you the purchase flexibility your business needs.

What it Means to Partner with Freund
Freund is committed to offering the best wholesale and volume pricing on glass pharmaceutical bottles. Whether you’re ordering a single case or a whole truckload, you can expect excellent customer service and fast delivery. When you partner with Freund, you join thousands of customers and businesses large and small that take advantage of our 75 years of experience. Shop today and get a head start on your supply of glass pharmaceutical bottles!

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