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SH-50 Shredder


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The Fusion Tech SH-50 Shredder was designed to shred up to 10,000 pounds of meat product per hour without cutting or tearing, giving you a hand pulled look quickly and easily. The simple design of the shredder allows for continuous processing, unlike small batch machines. The in-feed of the SH-50 Shredder can be customized to allow for integration into your current operation, whether you are loading by hand or conveyor. The SH-50 Shredder is the ultimate pulled meat machine for processing large amounts of meat product in minimal time. PRODUCT DETAILS Model #: SH-50 Dimensions: 30? l | 80? h Shreds up to 10,000 lbs per hour 230v or 460v 3-phase Variable speed drive (VFD) USDA approved On / Off Illuminated emergency switch High grade stainless steel construction Safety guard Sanitary design Modified to fit your needs Excellent abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance PRODUCT BENEFITS Continuous Flow – Simple design allows for continuous processing, unlike small batch machines No Cutting – Get long muscle fibers without cutting or tearing product! Food Safety – Sanitation is easy, no tools needed to remove only one guard for high pressure cleaning High Capacity – Belt oven or if fed by conveyor, up to 10,000 lbs/hr Industrial Design – Heavy-duty stainless components and simple design allows for maximum up-time with little to no maintenance. Cost-Effective – Return on investment is accelerated, usually within six months. LEARN MORE Learn more at

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