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Automatic Isobaric Microblock – Model 551 EPV – Bottling Machines

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Carbonated or Non-Carbonated , Force carbonated
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Automatic 3 turret rinser-filler-capper with low oxygen pick up. These high quality, high tech, automatic beer bottling machines feature new EPV Electro Pneumatic filling Valves, with special pre-evacuation of air. Delivers 1000bph with only 5 filling valves, double pre-evacuation & a 30% lower price than existing alternatives! This machine is also perfect for bottling wine, soft drinks, cider, or other still & sparkling drinks. The brand new Microblock 551 EPV is an innovative new generation system compared to similar all-in-one machines on the market. The machine is suitable for filling beer, cider , sparkling wine and carbonated drinks and it features our new EPV (Electro Pneumatic Valve) technology. The EPV valve allows total flexibility in adjusting the filling cycle by adapting the vacuum and filling timings to the necessity of each different carbonated drink via Siemens PLC. Microblock 551 EPV consists of a Rinsing Section supplied with 5 rinsing nozzles, 5 Electro-pneumatic Isobaric Counterpressure filling valves and a single head Crowning Turret suitable for crown cork application on glass bottles. The machine is also equipped with a device for the detection of the bottle on the conveyor (no bottles on conveyor, no rinse) featuring a photocell which stops the machine and closes the rinser electro valve in case of missing bottles and a turret height adjustment system to accommodate different height bottles. The capper can close both 26mm and 29mm crown caps. These automatic beer bottling machines represents the best solution available for entry level automatic beer filling lines.

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