600 gallon Still with a side Column and Condenser

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Distillation still
Shown here is a 600 gallon Still with a side Column and Condenser at OOLA Distillery in Seattle WA. Their system includes a Cooker, Fermenter, Still, Boiler and support equipment. The Still has a stainless steel body with a solid copper top and Column. The still Column is clear and has a top that opens so that botanicals or copper wool can be placed inside of it. The side column is solid copper with five bubbler plates and a dephlegmator at the top. Each plate has a view-port and a CIP. The Condenser is all stainless and normally uses city water as a cooling medium (locations with higher ambient temperatures may want to consider a cold water tank).

Global Stainless Systems manufactures Cookers, Fermenters, Stills, Receivers, Holding/Mixing tanks. Global Stainless Systems also supplies additional equipment such as Boilers, Chillers, Pumps, Valves, Hoses and other misc. items you may need.

At Global Stainless Systems we specialize in start-up and expanding systems. We provide the experience and knowledge to design your equipment based on your available space or layout concept, and supply drawings and specifications to help your contractor better understand the scope of the equipment side of your distillery.

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