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GSS Semi-Automatic Keg Washer — Dual Head


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The GSS Semi-Automatic Dual Head Keg Washer is designed with automatic, custom, cleaning heads and unique keg lock-down device. Place the keg on the rack, engage the air cylinder, and as it inserts the cleaning head in the keg valve, it also locks the keg into place. From there the CPU panel controls the cleaning and sanitizing cycles with a flip of a switch and a push of a button! While the first keg is running through its cycle, load and start a second keg for a more efficient, constant, cleaning process! Dual head unit will clean approximately 40* kegs per hour; Approximately 36” deep x 48” wide, loading bars at 32” We also offer a Semi-Automatic Keg Washer in a Single Head, and a manually-operated keg washer.

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