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FlexPackPRO® 210 Series

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FlexPackPRO® coders represent the most advanced technology in thermal transfer coding available. Built using 7000 series aircraft grade treated aluminum, stainless steel and Festo pneumatics to assure image quality control and longer print head life. All models employ the Kyocera 300dpi print heads on self-leveling mounts to provide superior code quality and the patented print head assembly requires lower air pressure to achieve highest print quality through every run. The 4.3” color LCD touchscreen controllers with WYSIWIG print preview and the ProCode™ full-featured, highly intuitive design software (with image conversation compatibility) come standard with all systems. The system’s high level of digital capability allows for the printing of continuously varying information in every image whether that can be in the form of incrementing or random numbers or ever variable encoded information in the form of bar codes or high density 2D codes – no software upgrade required! The Model 210 Series prints 53mm wide by 70mm long in the intermittent model and up to 250mm long in the continuous motion version with a 0.5mm gap between images for each print image.

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