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Grizzly Growler beverage pouch

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This package stands out on the shelf as reflective and unusual. For brewers and soda-pop makers who care about visibility, flavor, quality, protection, and shelf life, the GrizzlyGrowler is the best option available. This package can greatly reduce oxygen exposure or light damage to perishable beverages. The result is high quality product, fresh and ready for the consumer. - Light Weight - No Air Exposure - No Light Damage - Folds flat as a dime - Low Carbon Footprint - No bottling line needed - Impresses customers - Easy camping pack off Flavor: Patented design specifically intended to eliminate light and oxygen with a flavor neutral, non transference contact layer. Filling: When filling the beverage does not displace oxygen like in a glass container. Once full the cap is wet sealed allowing no headspace. Fitment and cap: Screw top fitment is designed to accommodate our “carbonation cap” which has an oxygen scavenger layer and two fractal seals which allow gas to slowly escape as the growler is exposed to heat. Once the cap is screwed down tight, there is little or no airspace in the growler. The few rogue oxygen molecules that may remain in the package after sealing, are attracted to then be trapped and absorbed within the cap. Transportation: To ensure the best product quality, it is imperative that the GrizzlyGrowlers be kept cold at all times. This can be done on the go simply by attaching an ice pack using an elastic band or keeping it in a cooler. Storage: Stores flat when empty. A case of 200 GrizzlyGrowlers requires the same amount of space as 6 traditional glass growlers. Shipping: Grab and GO Growlers are lightweight saving on shipping costs. We can ship 20 cases of the GrizzlyGrowlers for the same cost as 1 case of glass growlers. Profitability: Breweries will typically see a 20% increase in growler sales after adding the GrizzlyGrowlers to their inventory; as well as a decrease in product loss caused by growlers being broken. Health & Sanitation: GrizzlyGrowlers are clean room sanitary ready to fill upon delivery and are 100% BPA free as well as FDA approved. Branding: There will no longer be a need for silk screening or etching as with glass or stainless steel. The GrizzlyGrowlers can be instantly branded by adding your company’s label. Versatile: Use the GrizzlyGrowlers for almost any type of beverage and other liquids. They can be used for beers, ciders, wines, champagnes, energy drinks, teas, sodas, juices and water, as well as bulk products like oils, cleaners, detergents and soaps. Accessories can even be added to your GrizzlyGrowlers to replace your current water bladder system used for hiking and biking. Environment: The GrizzlyGrowlers is 100% recyclable and reusable and uses far less energy to manufacture, fill, ship, and store beverages than virtually any comparable package. It is an excellent example of minimal packaging. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls aseptic pouches "a great example of source reduction [reducing the amount of packaging for a single product]." An aseptic package is typically 97 percent beverage to 3 percent packaging. Plastic bottles are 93 percent product to 7 percent packaging; cans are 89 percent product to 11 percent packaging; and glass bottles are 65 percent product to 35 percent packaging all by weight. Packaging: According to a national packaging study conducted by the Boston-based, Tellus Institute, for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the '90s, the aseptic pouch package was found to have one of the lowest environmental impacts of any beverage container. "For single-serving packages," the study concludes, "the recycled aluminum can and the aseptic package have the lowest environmental costs, while the virgin aluminum can has the highest environmental cost." You can make about 20 pouches for the amount of aluminum it takes to make one can. Available sizes: 64oz, 32oz, 9oz - Customized sizes along with in-material rotogravure labels are available with orders of 60K or more.

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