Distiller Mash Tun 500 gallon

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Mash tun
Heating Method: Steam-heated
Type: Mash Tun Only
Brew Capacity: 15 bbl
Mash tun design for grain product with steam heating and glycol jacket cooling.

• 304 stainless steel mash tun 2B finished, capacity 500 gallon
• Mash tun with mixer and reducing motor, grist hydrater and 18" glass manway door.
• Stainless steel hard piping with all valves and fittings.
• Stainless steel steam jacket on mash tun bottom, insulated with cladding.
• Stainless steel glycol jacket on side wall, insulated with cladding.
•  CIP set up, light, therometer, spray arm piping and spray ball included.
• Diameter 70" x total heigth 105".

GW Kent Catalog #5525

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