Manual Keg Washer

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Keg washer
Function: Keg Washer
Speed: 11-20 kegs per hour
Automation: Manual
Manual Keg washer designed to clean, sanitize and pressurize keg. Compact & mobile, simple to use and maintain.

Output: 15 - 20 kegs / hour

Frame in 304 stainless steel with caster wheels

Controller with manual valves

Caustic tank with electric heater

Sankey cleaning head coupler with hose set up

Stainless steel centrifugal pump, 3 phase 220V.

Thermometer & pressure gauge

Quick disconnect to Air & CO 2 supply line

Titanium electrical heater 3 kw.

Detergent tank volume 20 gallon (75 liter)

GW Kent Catalog #3320

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