MiniLux Semi-Automatic Corker

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Bottle corker
Semi-automatic corking machine to work with natural or syenthetic corks.

• Stainless steel sanitary construction
• Single phase 1 h.p. motor 220 V. 60 Hz.
• Auto feed hopper holds 500 corks
• Vacuum set up with Venturi valve system using air compressor (No vacuum pump) 
• Micro switch sensor 24 V starts corking cycle, mounted on bottle place
• Automatic adjustment for natural cork & synthetic cork, dia. 22 mm x 26 mm & max. height 50 mm
• 304 stainless steel jaw
* Automatic safety sensing system to avoid bottle breakage
• Adjustable bottle height on bottle lifting plate
• Production 1000 bottles per hour
• Mounted on wheels   Dimension: 16" x 24" x 75", working height 32",  Weight: 200 lbs.

GW Kent Catalog #2011

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