Single Wall Bright Tank

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Bright tank
Insulation: Single-walled and Single-wall or Jacketed
Capacity: 7 bbl, 10 bbl and 15 bbl
Premium quality brite tank for walk-in coolers, great for popular beers in the brewpub.

Available in 7, 10, and 15 bbl models.

• Design pressure 15 psi
• 4 stainless steel legs with leveling feet
• 304 stainless steel, thickness 11 gauge (unjacketed)
• Interior and exterior finish bright polish to 250 grit, hygienic surface
• Flanged and dished head top and bottom, 25% head space
• Racking port and discharge port with butterfly valve & fittings
• Side manway door
• Fully welded exterior shell
• CIP arm and spray ball
• Carbonation system - 1" x 8" L. x 2 micron stone with check valve and extension pipe.
•  Vacuum & pressure relief valve, relief pressure 15 psi, relief vacuum 5 psi
• Pressure gauge
• Perlick style sample valve
• Tank complete with fittings, valves and all parts (Option purchase for temperature controller & solenoid valve)

GW Kent Catalog #586

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