Hand-E-Capper Heavy-Duty HandHeld Cap Tightener For TAMPER-EVIDENT CAPS

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Bottle capper
Unit is ideal for manual to semi-automated production lines. 

After filling procedure is completed, caps are placed on by hand, then this machine is used to tighten until firm. 

Tightening Speed/Torque Is Adjustable (-/+) With Small Swivel Knob On Side Of Unit. 

Each Unit Comes With 1 Brand New Capping Machine, 1 Brand New Capping Chuck, & 1 Brand New Chuck Insert Of Your Preference.

Standard Chuck Size: Chuck #20 Runs Up To 24mm Caps 

OTHER CHUCK SIZES AVAILABLE (Check Out Our Other Listings For The Sizes Below):


Chuck #40: Runs Up To 41mm  Caps
Chuck #50: Runs Up To 50mm Caps
Chuck #70: Runs Up To 68mm Caps

Standard Insert Material: Vinyl (Excellent Wear Properties, Leaves Minimal To No Residue On Caps Of All Colors; Especially When Using On White Or Black Caps).

Other Chuck Insert Materials Available (Please Specify Prior To Shipping): 

 PolyUrethane (Great For Caps With A Smooth/Unmarked Surface)
 Vinyl (Similar To Polyurethane, Better Grip For More Rigid Caps)

Ships Same Day.

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