CF-1000 Continuous Flow Still

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Distillation still
A single pass solution for producing spirits up to 95% ABV, the CF-1000 requires 50% less time and recovers 3 times more alcohol per hour than a traditional pot still. The CF-1000 is capable of “grain-on” distillation, eliminates the need to make cuts, and can be fitted to run by direct steam injection and/or an external reboiler.

[1] 12” Insulated Stainless Steel column with Stainless Steel high fouling sieve trays; [2] 8” Insulated Stainless Steel columns with High Efficiency Structured

Distillation Packing; [1] 4” Insulated Stainless Steel column with High Efficiency Random Structured Distillation Packing. At a standard height of 18 feet, the CF-1000 can fit almost any location.

Keep your primary product lines in operation by programming your recipes. Our stills offer (and log) real-time trending of temperature, levels, and pressures; allowing the operator to make specific changes as needed. Each skid has an attached remote support system available for troubleshooting, training, and guidance from Headframe Manufacturing headquarters in Butte, Montana.

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