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Kingston Black--M111 Rootstock


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The Kingston Black cider varietal dates back to the early 1800s and was discovered around Taunton, Somerset, England. The fruit are small and conical and can be deep orange or maroon in color. The juice has a highly aromatic bittersweet flavor that is a nice blend of tannin, acid and sugar--just perfect for cider. Kingston Black trees can be susceptible to scab and need to be aggressively pruned for best yield. The Kingston Black tree flowers late in the season and the fruit is ready to pick as late as November. Kingston Black apples are not particularly good for eating but they are justifiably famous for producing an excellent quality single-variety cider. We are now taking provisional orders for spring 2015 shipping. Trees are shipped 1-year bare root during their winter dormancy from January through mid-April depending on USDA zone. Cider Nursery Trees are sold in bundles of 10 trees. We do not break bundles. Rootstock: Dwarfing CG 41 rootstock that is replant, fire blight, and aphid resistant. Size when shipped: 5/8 to 3/4 inch

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