H&M Cream/Milk Pasteurizer

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It's engineered to serve thicker cream/mix for any production of puff pastry, custard, chocolate coating, ice cream based cakes and gourmet food. 

Features include: 
Specially designed mixer for handing thicker cream/mix steadily and evenly to enhance the texture, easily disassemble for cleaning. 
Entirely stainless steel tank ensure the safety for food. 
Soft-cooking technology with cycled glycol efficiently cooking any thick mix up to 100 ?C without any burn. 
Computer-controlled with all the parameters programmable for multi-purposes which is flexible both for your standard products and creations. 
Full automatically working by pressing one or two keys after parameters programmed. 
Cleaning water supply and spray tap installed. 
All machine components are easy access for rapid maintenance. 
Product data print function (optional). 
Environment friendly gas R404A.

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