H&M Gelato Ice Cream Batch Freezers

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Ice cream machine
H&M® GELATO ICE CREAM BATCH FREEZERS integrate abundant ice cream making experience. Great stability, easy to operate, multi-preset programs, one key for whole process. Efficient freezing and excellent control interface make it an ideal machine for various ice cream and cold dessert.

   Features Include:

High performance agitator and blades result in finest gelato texture and density
Easy disassembling scrapers and mixer for easy operation and quick cleaning
Hardness-Temperature-Control-System (HTCS), available for any operator to make the same high-quality gelato. The final consistency can be modified during the working process. The machine can work automatically according to the new input parameters
Multi built in programs, available to produce artisan gelato, ice cream, fruit cremolata, sicilian slush etc.
Double-speeds controlled by computer available for different flavors, material and overrun.
Fully automatic operation with a very friendly and flexible interface
Multi build in safety devices to protect the operator and the machine
Build in rinsing water spigot to speed up flavor changes
Complete extraction resulting in minimal flavors overlap
After freezing is adopted while the product is being extracted which helps to achieve same consistency ice cream even for the last batch
Compressor made in France, Italy or Germany
Anti-slipping mat provided with machine together, easy operation.
International acceptable R404a refrigerate gas.
Easy and quick serve concept for each part is considered when design.

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