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A complete portable milking system for a single cow! It provides just what you need to milk one cow at a time. It is light weight, compact, extremely portable, and designed perfectly for home, farm, and show use. Comes with milking machine complete with pulsator, and a 35lb (4.4 gallon) stainless steel bucket complete with a cow claw assembly. Having the pulsator not on the lid of the bucket makes it easier to handle. This is a great set up for folks milking cows that only give them a few quarts of milk all the way up to 4 gallons of milk! The smaller bucket also makes it much lighter to carry than the other those larger 65# buckets that hold almost 8 gallons. If you know that you will only be milking smaller amounts of milk, this is a perfect set up for you. And for those that have a cow and a goat all you have to do is purchase a goat claw assembly and switch it out to milk your goat. Call us for any assistance you need with making your portable milking machine purchase! To celebrate this new addition to our product line we are offering Special Introductory Pricing, and FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S. Unique features of this system are: -304 stainless steel tubing frame construction, virtually eliminating the possibility of rust and corrosion while maintaining strong, light weight construction. -Electronic pulsation source built into the machine for consistent, dependable, maintenance free operation. 60/40 pulastion speeds. It's the easiest-to-maintain pulsator on the market. -Gast oil lubricated rotary vacuum source for superior performance and moisture resistance. The use of a more efficient oil lubricated model allows the use of a ¼ HP pump making it the quietest system. -35 lb. pail has a capacity of 4.4 gallons, making possible to milk more animals before emptying, yet is still small enough to be quite easy to handle. Positive shut-off-claws make the attachment to the animal as efficient as possible. Want to be able to also milk your cow...just ask us about purchasing a cow claw assembly with this unit... that's all you need make this machine work for both your goats and cow. - You can use this system with your pail/pulastor combination by simply adding a length of ¼ pulsation vacuum line and blocking off your pulsator. Physical Spec Length 14” Width 13” Height 18” Weigth 45lbs System Pump ¼ HP Gast brand rotary vane (oil lubricated) 25" vacuum max Sound level < 65 dB Voltage 110V /220V as specified 4.8 /2.4 amps respectively Pulsator Electronic D.C. 24V solenoid type 60 ppm or 40 ppm Selector (pulsations per minute) 1 amp fuse pulsator circuit protection Model: MSC1 Shipping Weight: 75lbs Condition: New Category: Complete Setups Average Delivery Lead Time: 4 days

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