Eco Milker Portable Milking Machine for Two Animals

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Milking machine
The New ECO MILKER is a new exciting option for the small farm for a portable milking machine!

This Eco Milker kit for Two animals and includes everything you need for milking, the motor, vacuum pump, pulsator, bucket, cart, and the milking claw assemblys for the types of animal you are milking. You just tell us what type of animal you are milking.  On this machine, you can milk two animals and they don't have to be the same... you can milk a cow and a goat.  We make sure you have the assemblies you will need.

The EcoMilker is easy to use, everything sits on a cart.  Uses 110 electricity.     Easy to use, and easy to clean.  

This Milker for Two Animal... cow, sheep, or goat,... produces up to 5.95 CFM, the vane pump is oilless (dry) and the motor is 110V, 60hz. 

Included are an Eco-Milker seamless 7.5 gallon poly buckets, Libero milking lid, L02 Pulsator, vacuum gauge, vacuum regulator, 110VAC 60hz motor and the milking and vacuum tubing, and the claw assembly for the animal you will be milking... cow, sheep or goat.   (We can supply stainless Steel buckets and lids for this machine if desired for an additional charge.)

We carry parts for this milker.  Has a one year warranty.  It's manufactured in Italy.  
We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. We want you to get the best equipment for your needs. 

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