Single Belly Pail Goat Milking Machine

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Milking machine
Machine Type: Portable
Animal Species: Goats
Portable Milking Machine for one Goat or one Sheep that is designed to be lightweight, easy to use and to clean up afterward. Each component of this system is carefully selected and engineered to create the most efficient & maintenance-free machine possible.  They  are manufactured here in the USA  for over 25 years. The manufacturer offers full service and technical support directly to our customers. They use carefully selected, high quality, American made components and materials that have made these dependable systems among the most recommended machines by those who have purchased them. 

Note:  Small shells and inflations are ideal for Nigerian Dwarf breeds & sheep. When purchasing, please leave a note if you would like small shells and inflation instead.

These portable milking machines for sheep and goats provides an efficient and convenient way of milking animals in cases when the use of static milking machines is not possible (milking in the field, milking in the barn) or when attending agricultural shows, for small size herd or sick animals in remote pens.

All new enlarged Belly Pail!
The new 8 quart pail and integrated lid are unique to this system. The inflation stems are welded onto the lid, eliminating the need for a claw or milk lines, which in turn removes the risk of claw flooding which can lead to mastitis. Milk is extracted directly into the pail through the inflations. This unique feature of decreasing the amount of surface area that milk comes in contact with substantially reduces not only the amount of contaminate exposure, but also the preparation and clean up time. A sanitary swivel on the back of the lid allows for easy maneuvering of the pail system and its size allows for quick and easy cleaning in dishwashers.  ( Call us if you want to upgrade your current milker with the belly pail system)

While other portable units use large floor pails with vacuum actuated pulsators on the lid, this system employs an electronically actuated pulsator built into the machine. This substantially diminishes the amount of residual moisture in the pulsator and helps to make it the easiest-to-maintain pulsator on the market.

This compact system is engineered with a smaller vacuum pump making it extremely quiet and very portable. It uses world renowned Gast rotary vane non-lubricated pumps for ease of maintenance, dependability, and longevity.

The frame is made with 304 stainless steel tubing, virtually eliminating the possibility of rust and corrosion while maintaining a light weight construction. 

Unique features of this system are:

-304 stainless steel tubing frame construction, virtually eliminating the possibility of rust and corrosion while maintaining strong, light weight construction.

-Electronic pulsation source built into the machine for consistent, dependable, maintenance free operation. 60/40 pulastion speeds. It's the easiest-to-maintain pulsator on the market.

-Gast oil lubricated rotary vacuum source for superior performance and moisture resistance. The use of a more efficient oil lubricated model allows the use of a ¼ HP pump making it the quietest system.

- You can use this system with your pail/pulastor combination by simply adding a length of ¼ pulsation vacuum line and blocking off your pulsator.

Physical Spec
Length      14”
Width      13”
Height      18”
Weigth      45lbs
System Pump

¼ HP Gast brand rotary vane 
(oil lubricated) 
25" vacuum max 
Sound level < 65 dB

110V /220V as specified
4.8 /2.4 amps respectively

Electronic D.C. 24V solenoid type
60 ppm or 40 ppm Selector 
(pulsations per minute)
1 amp fuse pulsator circuit  protection

Model: SGBP1
Shipping Weight: 150lbs
Condition: New
Category: Complete Setups
Average Delivery Lead Time: 4 days

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