Automatic Capping Machine

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Bottle capper
Automation: Automatic
There are many types of automatic capping machines, each with its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the application. The Automatic Inline Capping Machine places and tightens at speeds up to 200 cpm with limited change parts. An Automatic Chuck Capping Machine is slower and more costly with multiple change parts, but extremely reliable and repeatable. An Automatic Cap Placer provides for an economic solution to large caps with diameters greater than 80mm that must be vertically placed to prevent cross threading on the container. The Automatic Snap Capping Machine is specialized to the application of NEPCO or similar type of snap caps with no threads. An Automatic Cap Tightener made by us does not place the caps on the container; rather it is used only for tightening or retightening after cap placement or pumps and spray heads placed by hand.

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