Supplier rating

1/6 BBL Keg



Product specifications

Embossing Lead Time
Blank kegs usually ship within 24 hours after payment; embossed kegs in 7-10 days

Product description

Keg Solutions kegs are manufactured to the industry’s highest quality standards. Our partner facility is ISO 9001-2001 certified, meaning our manufacturing processes are continuously monitored and tested using the strictest quality control methods. We only use certified AISI 304 stainless steel, and all of our kegs come standard with safety burst discs and Micro Matic D type spears (the gold standard of keg spears). Our chimes and keg necks are thick, strong, and durable. We don’t skimp. All kegs come pickled, passivated, and pressurized to 25 PSI with air. Technical drawings are available.

Typical shipping details