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Fermenter - 30 bbl - Jacketed


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30 bbl
New or Used
Pressure Rated

Product description

Well designed fermenters are the cornerstone of a quality cellar operation. All of our tanks are rigorously inspected to make sure every last seam is smooth and sanitary polished. We aren’t about to give beer ruining bacteria a place to hide and grow. Our fermenters also feature multiple zone, dimpled jackets to ensure fast, efficient crash cooling when you’re ready to get beer to the next stage of production. Below are a few of the features that come standard on all of our fermenters: 100% TIG welded and sanitary polished. No open joints or rough seams. #4 exterior finish, 2B interior finish High quality, name brand valves and fittings. Tassilini PVRV, Perlick sample valve, LSYF butterfly valves, Wika pressure gauge, all clamps and gaskets 60 degree cone True shadowless manway Ample headspace Dry hop port Multiple zone cooling jackets Fully pressure tested (including cooling jackets) Thick, efficient polyurethane insulation. Our tanks cool fast and stay cold. CIP arm, spray ball, and 2” blowoff arm Rotating racking arm

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