5 Liter Draft Beer Line Cleaning System - US Sankey

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Beer line cleaning
Simply fill this cleaning bottle with cleaning solution, untap your keg and connect the bottle instead! It’s a quick and easy way to clean your draft beer system considering your setup actually does the work for you. The cleaning solution will run through the lines the same way the beer does, making sure everything is sanitary and there’s no foam-causing build up.

You will need a standard US Sankey “D” system coupler but chances are you already have one. That’s the coupler used to tap U.S. domestics like Budweiser, Coors, Miller and more.

Note: The color of the base and handle may vary.

Shatter proof plastic bottle
Easy to use – download instructions here
Cleans draft system fast

(1) 5 L cleaning bottle
(1) American Sankey “D” system cap
(1) Dip tube

Fits: American Sankey “D” system coupler