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Beer Line 3/8" I.D. Clear Vinyl Hose - 100' Coil

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This is the same vinyl hose breweries use for their beer lines! It’s high quality food grade that’s NSF and UL listed and approved by the FDA and USDA. Even better, it’s resistant to oxidation, chemicals and bacteria so you can use it with confidence and clean it properly. It’s not going rot, swell, or dry out which is why it’s commonly used for long run commercial draft line installations. Connecting hardware is not included. Features: Made of vinyl Food grade line Brewery approved Flexible and durable Will not affect taste and aroma Approved by FDA, USDA, USP Class VI, NSF and UL Specs: 100’L Coil 3/8” Inside diameter 5/8” Outer diameter 1/8” Wall

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