Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator

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Coupler Style: D coupler
Keg number: 4, 5, 6 and 6+
This isn’t your typical beverage cooler; it’s more like a piece of heaven, if heaven were climate controlled and located in your basement. Seriously though, the BrewCave is the walk in cooler that has everything!

The modular, panel design of each unit is fully tested and each piece is shipped to you separately, so you can assemble it right where you want it to be. Every panel (and the optional floor) has four inches of insulation sandwiched between inner and outer metal skins, so you know the inside of the cooler will remain igloo-cold. Good thing too, because with shelving space for over 30 cases of beer and room for four kegs on top of that, frostiness is your friend.

Speaking of those kegs, this unit has the added bonus of doubling as quite possibly the world’s largest kegerator. Everything you need to make this the ultimate draft beer dispensing system is included with your shipment, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor from day one.

Easy assembly, exceptional utility, and extreme good looks…the BrewCave is pretty much a cross between a miracle and another miracle!

Each panel consists of inner and outer metal skins, a 4” insulation core, and cam-action locking devices
Black stucco embossed galvanized finish covers the interior & exterior walls and ceilings
Stores over 30 cases of beer and 4 or more kegs
Perfect for restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, or home use
Each panel is engineered to provide quick and easy assembly
All walk-ins are pre-assembled at the manufacturing facility for quality control, but shipped in individual panels
Installation instructions and lay-out drawing are included
The locking devices are operable from inside the walk-in for safety
Construction is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation International
Wood-free tongue and groove panel assembly
Choose either no-floor or stainless steel 4” insulation floor
Vinyl NSF approved floor screeds are provided for all floor-less Brew Caves
Shelving fits the back and two side walls, 3 shelves for each wall
Pre-assembled outside remote refrigeration system is included
Complete beer dispensing kit included
Refrigeration system is designed to hold product at 32F

(1) Aluminum CO2 tank (empty)
(1) US Sankey Keg Beer Coupler – D System – Lever Handle
(1) Double gauge CO2 regulator
(1) Chrome faucet head
(1) Faucet knob
(1) 5” shank
(1) Beer line with connectors
(1) Air line with clamps
(1) Tap soother faucet cap
(1) 6” wall mount drip tray (stainless steel with drain)
(2) 18” x 48” x 74” black shelves
(1) 18” x 36” x 74” black shelf
(2) Packages of 8 chrome S hooks
(1) Hex-shaped wrench
Please Note: Branded tap handle seen in product pictures is not included

Exterior Dimensions: 6’ 10”W x x 7’ 6”H x 4’ 10”D
Drip Tray Dimensions: 6”W x 11”H x 4 3/4”D
Glass Door Specs: Anthony Model 403B normal temp, 30” x 81” lockable glass entry door with LED lights, 2-pane heat reflective with argon fill, trimline black handle and frame
Insulation Specs: Extruded polystyrene, all wall and ceiling insulation is 4” thick, high quality, rigid extruded polystyrene, 1.6 lb density, K factor of not more than 0.139 and an R factor of not less than 7.2 per inch, initial fresh R-28.8 minimum total wall R factor
Vapor transmission shall be less than 1 perm and foam core material must meet UL 5 flame spread rating with average smoke rating less than 165. (UL 723)(UL 723)
Refrigeration System Specs: Medium temperature, 1 phase, 3/4 horsepower, hermetic 208/230 volt, includes Copeland condensing unit
Customer assumes responsibility in assuring products purchased meet local, state, and federal regulations and building codes

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