Nitrogen Gas Tank - 22 Cubic Foot Aluminum

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Air tank
Safely and efficiently dispense Guinness with this high-strength aluminum nitrogen gas tank.

Guinness isn’t like most other draft beers. For proper dispensing, it requires a high-pressure gas blend of 75% nitrogen/25% CO2. The lightweight aluminum alloy of this tank is strong enough to contain this blend and has a 2216 PSI service rating. To ensure safety and performance, you will need to pair this tank with a nitrogen gas regulator.

Before you order you’ll want to call your local gas dealer(s) and ask about the availability of the mixed gas you’ll need (75% Nitrogen, 25% CO2). Also ask them what their tank spec requirements are for mixed gas filling, including: size (cubic footage), rating (i.e. 2015) and type of valve head used (CO2 or Nitrogen).

Please note: Due to Federal regulations, we cannot ship this tank filled. In other words, when you receive this tank it will be EMPTY.

Every cylinder is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6
Brushed body with cranberry painted dome
Tanks are shipped empty
Cylinders are stamped with required U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) Markings
For serving Guinness

Dimensions: 20 1/2”H x 5 1/8”Diameter
22 cubic foot capacity
Tare weight: 10.05 lbs
Dispense 3 – 4 half kegs
2216 PSI service rating
CGA 580 valve

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