Perlick Single Valve Draft Beer Coupler Test Kit

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Keg coupler
SKU# 32700B

Keep your draft beer systems running properly with this single valve coupler test kit from Perlick. Get accurate, immediate information about the internal temperature and pressure of your barrel, the accuracy of your regulator gauge, and the clarity of your beer.

This kit has everything you need to quickly identify trouble spots in your system. The quicker you pinpoint a problem, the quicker you can solve it and maintain the integrity of your draft setup to ensure continued high-performance.

Easily identify trouble areas in your draft beer system
Keep your system working properly
Kit includes everything you need for common troubleshooting

(1) Test Coupler Assembly
(1) Hose and Plastic Faucet Assembly
(1) Beer Mechanics Wrench
(3) Neoprene Washers
(1) Instruction sheet

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