Premium Single Tap Conversion Kit (US Sankey Coupler w/ 10lb CO2 Tank)

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Kegerator conversion kit

It’s easy to get the beer flowing when you have detailed instructions that explain how to make a kegerator and everything that you need in one complete kit! This premium edition conversion kit includes all of the parts and pieces that you need to convert a fridge plus all of the kegerator equipment to clean and maintain your system. Not only do you get it all, you get the best parts available.

Contains best quality parts available

[1] Double gauge CO2 regulator
[1] Air tank offset wrench
[1] Regulator gauge metal wire cage
[1] Heavy duty faucet & hex nut wrench
[1] Perlick faucet head (stainless steel)
[1] Tap Soother faucet cap
[1] 5 Liter draft beer line cleaning system – US Sankey
[1] Beer faucet cleaning brush
[1] 32oz bottle of beer line cleaning solution
[1] US Sankey keg coupler – lever handle
[1] Beer tap faucet handle (black knob)
[1] Chrome plated brass shank – 5” length
[1] Beer line jumper 5’ w/connectors
[1] Air line jumper 5’ w/screw clamps
[6] Beer line rubber washers
[1] Stainless steel 10” Wall Mount Drip Tray (no drain)
[1] 10lb Aluminum CO2 Air Tank – Brand New (empty)

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