Rod & Faucet System with 5 lb CO2 Tank

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Keg pump
Put the portable convenience of CO2-powered dispensing at your fingertips with this rod and faucet system!

Stop bothering with the hassle of hand-pumping your keg. This portable system features a double gauge regulator and a five-pound CO2 tank.

By using CO2 instead of hand-pumped air, the keg will stay fresh for weeks if kept cold, making this a great option for week-end long parties, camping trips, or other multi-day events. Unlike other, lesser systems, this one has a double gauge regulator that makes it easy to see how much CO2 is left in your tank, so you’re never caught flat-footed and unable to pour.

Make your life easier! Use this rod and faucet dispensing system for your next keg party and make pumping a thing of the past!

Portable beer dispensing system
Keep your keg fresh for weeks

(1) 5 lb CO2 tank (empty)
(1) Double gauge regulator
(1) Air line with clamps
(1) US Sankey keg coupler
(1) Rod with faucet
(1) Faucet knob