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Triple Faucet Jockey Box - 120' Coils - Faucet Hardware Kit

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This year, upgrade your portable pouring. It’s time to ditch the hand-pumped kegs and step up to the smooth-dispensing dynamo that is a jockey box! With three 120-foot stainless steel coils and matching hardware, this is our largest jockey box, so it’s perfect for well-attended events of all kinds. It looks great, it’s easy to use, and it keeps your beer extra cold, crisp, and refreshing. Set it up for no-hassle dispensing at beer festivals, catered events, graduation parties, or any high-volume continuous pouring situation. Just remember that for best results you’ll want to keep the coils submerged in an ice bath and ensure your kegs also stays on ice consistently. CO2 tank, coupler, air line, and beer line are sold separately. Please note: We offer many different jockey box setups. Features: Ideal for high volume, continuous pouring situations Keeps beer cold Portable – dispense beer anywhere Drain for easy disposal of water CO2 tank, couplers, airline and beer not included Includes: (1) 100 quart white cooler with drain (3) 120’ Stainless steel coils (3) 3” Stainless steel shanks (3) Cooler couplings (3) Chrome faucets (3) Black faucet handles Specs: Coil Dimensions: 120’L x 9 1/2” OD

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