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Fermenters - 25 bbl - Jacketed


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25 bbl
New or Used
Pressure Rated

Product description

Key Features * Laser-welded cooling jackets in a variety of configurations * Automated seam welding of all shell components * Tank readily customized to meet clients requirements * Designed and built to International Pressure vessel standards Standard Tank Features * Round type, with dished head and conical bottom * Choice of dimple, channel or corrugated cooling jacket * Cladding sheet welded or riveted * Insulation with Polyurethane foam * Built with stainless steel 304 Fittings * Clamp double-acting air vent valve (Below 20bbl) * Pressure safety valve (20bbl and above) * Anti-vacuum valve (20bbl and above) * CIP and carbon dioxide outlet * Temperature sensor * Sampling valve * Spray ball * Manhole * Outlet Optional Fittings * Hops port * Bunging valve * Diaphragm pressure gauge * Rotating outlet

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