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9 Year "Gran Moro" Balsamic Vinegar (LIMITED)

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The Mussini Atelier of flavor has a brand new precious secret. It's "Gran Moro", a condiment made especially for connoisseurs who love to add the flavor of an antique tradition in modern recipes. With Gran Moro, Mussini's experience and passion have found a magical point of balance: The right degree of aging imparts a fullness of flavor and an intense aroma while the correct density enhances it use on so many different foods. Starting with a simple salad and then white and red meats, fish, cooked vegetables, soft cheese, omelets, cold cuts and zampone. Absolutely delicious on Parmigiano Reggiano as a mouth watering starter. You can't eat ice-cream or strawberries without it of you want an extraordinary dessert. Makes for a beautiful gift. NOTE: This product has been discontinued from the producers which makes this the last production run available in the entire United States. Once we run out of stock, this will no longer be available ever again. Hurry and pick one up before you miss out on this exquisite, and now rare, product!

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