Organic Pure Peppermint Tea

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The intoxicating fragrance of crushed mint fills the air of our Andean garden where peppermint grows in natural abundance. Prized for its irresistible, invigorating flavor and many health benefits, this Peppermint tea is perhaps the most popular tea blend from Garden of the Andes. A cupful is the perfect morning jump start or mid-afternoon energy boost. Try it to cleanse the palate, relax muscles, stimulate digestion or sooth upset stomachs. The Garden of the Andes organic tea farm is nestled in the lush valleys of the Andes Mountains. Blessed with crisp alpine air, fed by crystal waters of mountain lakes and streams, abundant in nutrient-rich soil, this idyllic environment produces vigorous plants with exquisite aromas, flavors and health benefits. Using the latest sustainable practices and traditional growing methods, Garden of the Andes nurtures the finest indigenous herbs and flowers to create highly praised tea blends.

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