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Saffron Ready Risotto


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Naturally flavored saffron Ready Risotto, also called Risotto Pronto, is produced from the finest ingredients in Italy and is easy to prepare. The #1 Risotto in Italy is ready in 12 minutes, and creates the perfect balance of creaminess and "al dente" texture. Ready Risotto provides the opportunity for a truly traditional Italian risotto. This risotto does not contain any colorants, preservatives, MSG or hydrogenated vegetable fat resulting in a totally natural product. Saffron Ready Risotto is prepared by infusing the finest flavors into every grain of risotto rice. Simply boil in water for 12 minutes to provide 3 to 4 side dish servings of a delicious and authentic Italian risotto. No flavor pouch, no MSG, no trans fats-just plain goodness.

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