Venere Black Rice

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Once reserved only for Chinese Emperors, black rice is now the new and improved brown rice. Full of antioxidants and not commercially produced in the U.S., black rice has been recently hailed as a replacement for traditional brown rice since it has been linked to decreased risk of heart disease and cancer, improvement in memory, and other health benefits. Venere is a black rice that originated in China and is grown in the Po Valley of Italy. It is pleasantly aromatic whole grain rice, cooks in just 18 minutes and releases a distinctive aroma similar to sandalwood and freshly baked bread. Rich in fiber and phosphorous and is ideal for a varied and balanced diet. If boiled and seasoned with oil or butter it is an excellent supplement to meat or fish. It is also delicious if cooked in salt water then transferred to a frying pan with oil, garlic and seasoning with a sprinkle of parsley. The black appearance adds to a unique presentation with many other foods. Vacuum packed for freshness.

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