Zebra Bowties "Farfalle Magia Bianca" Colored Pasta

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Donne del Grano's Black and White Zebra Bowties (or Magia Bianca) are uniquely attractive artisanal pasta. Colors are all natural. The black is natural squid ink that is added in a special process to traditional bowtie shaped pastas. This is a feat that is not simple to perform, and still have the pasta hold its shape and not come undone while cooking. Produced by Donne Del Grano and hand made by the women of Puglia, Italy. This pasta is made from all natural ingredients and premium durum wheat, the old traditional way with centuries old traditions. The bronze die used to extrude this pasta gives it a fascinating rough texture that will hold sauce in like no other pasta. These pastas are made by a family that operates one of the finest pasta factories in the world located in Puglia, one of the most important regions in Italy for pasta production and consumption.

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