Caser, Erector, Packer, Automation Robotics, Mdl Robopack-2000

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Case packer
Automation Robotics case packer/erector, fully integrated, Model Robopack-2000. Yogurt cups conveyed single lane to the machine. An automatic lane collator divides them into 3 lanes. One of the four robotic arms with suction cups pick up the 12 cups and rotate them. An automatic case erector erects a case. Robotic arm place the cups inside the box. The box is ejected on roller conveyor. Included are hange parts to pack 6 large tubs of yogurt in a box. Omron PLC programmable. 15 CPM, 120Volt, 10 amp, 80 PSI air. Built 2002.

FOB Brisbane, CA

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