8 Shooter filling 22 oz Bombers

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Bottle filler
Carbonation: Force carbonated
Bottle Type: Glass
Filling Method: Volume
Beer by Design in Northglenn Colorado has a beautiful brewery set-up, but not a lot of space left over for a filling option.  But with the 8 Shooter, that's OK.  We've got flexibility in mind for cramped quarters.  12 mounting points for the touch panel display & the ability to move it around when ever you like means your operators can always stay on top of what's going on.  The manual Pre-Rinser can be mount in 4 different configuration & the AutoLoader be attached in either left or right hand orientations- thus giving your load-in side of bottling operations the ability to make your space you have available work hard for you.  On the outlet end, we can pair up with Pack Leader USA's PL501 in multiple ways- left, right, in-line- or talk to us about your specific needs and we can quote you a customer conveyor configuration to truly fit your space.

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