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Manual Pre-Rinser for 8 Shooter


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The SpeedLoader pairs directly onto the Martin Robotics 8 Shooter's Manual Pre-Rinser. The Manual Pre-Rinser may be mounted in any of 4 orientations, allowing your unit to fit your space the best way possible for you. The Pre-Rinser may mount on either the left or right side of the Inlet deck, in either an In-line orientation, or at 90 degrees. Martin Robotics let you and your Brew Master decide what the right rinse solution is for your operation. The Pre-Rinser comes standard with a water line hook-up, but may be upgraded with the optional Sanitary Pre-Rinse Recirc Tank. The Recirculation Tank options allow you to use the sanitizer of your choice without needlessly dumping endless amount of the product down the drain. With a 25 gallon tank, simply fill up at the start of your bottling run, and then drain when your run is over. With either the water line or sanitizer method, you are in control of your operation, as the rinse time may be pre-set and adjusted easily from the 8 Shooter's touch panel display. The Manual Pre-Rinser requires a change out component when the 8 Shooter switches between different bottle sizes, as the rinse nozzles must be relocated manually for each bottle sizes' center to center of the neck opening. Overall change over time is generally below 5 minutes for the 8 Shooter, including this manual pre-rinser change.

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