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Dollar Bill Changer - Model CM1050 - NEW


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Dollar Bill Changers / Change Machines $120 Capacity The most economical changer on the market! Great features make this ideal for small vending locations. Designed for nickel, dime and quarter dispensing, all quarters or even tokens. This model accepts $1.00 and $5.00 Bills and features a change catcher - the only changer in it's class to do so. Dual steel locks and all steel construction make this changer secure. Features Standard Large $120 Change Capacity Changes $1 or $5 to Quarters or Quarters, Dimes & Nickels. Can Be Used For Tokens Mounts to Vending Machine or Wall Clear Coin Tubes for Easy Viewing of Coin Inventory Seamless Sheet Metal Construction Fused Circuitry Coin Catcher Sold out Light Roller Bearing Slide out for fast service Tech Specs: Height 19.75" Width 7.0" Depth 11.55" Coin Capacity: 480 Coins / $120.00 Payout: 4 Quarters or 3 Quarters, 2 Dimes and 1 Nickel Weight: 25 lbs. Power Source: 110VAC / 60Hz / 2Amps Power Cord Length: 5 Feet

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