Dollar Bill Changer - Model CM1250 - NEW

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Vending machine
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Dollar Bill Changers / Change Machines $250 Capacity
Large to medium locations - for whatever you vend - can benefit by this high capacity changer. Abundant $250 hopper system dispenses quarters or tokens for $1 and $5 Bill. The LED readout communicates with your customers that the machine is ready for service and what will be dispensed, such as $5 = 20 Quarters or if it is sold out. The coin catcher provides an easy and attractive way to retrieve coins.		

    Large $250 Change Capacity
    Changes $1 or $5 to Quarters or Quarters, Dimes & Nickels.
    Can Be Used For Tokens
    Mounts to Vending Machine or Wall
    Rotary Delivery System
    Seamless Sheet Metal Construction
    Large Hopper for High Volume
    Coin Catcher
    LED Readout

Tech Specs: 

    Height 21.0"
    Width 8.75"
    Depth 10.5"
    Coin Capacity: 1000 Coins / $250.00
    Payout: [4 Quarters] or [3 Quarters, 2 Dimes and 1 Nickel]
    Weight: 28 lbs.
    Power Source: 110VAC / 60Hz / 2Amps
    Power Cord Length: 5 Feet

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