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Certified Scale CS2010 4x6 5000LB/1LB Floor Scale

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The Certifed Scale CS2010 4x6 5000LB/1LB is an NTEP approved, legal for trade, professional grade floor scale ideally suited for industrial or shipping use. This highly accurate, heavy duty scale is capable of handling up to 5000 pound loads within 1LB accuracy. FEATURES: - Four high quality, NTEP approved alloy load cells that ensure the unit is accurate within the full range of its capacity. - 4'x6' deck size, ideal for handling all kinds of objects. - Weight indicator is a high quality, NTEP approved indicator with an easy to read LCD screen. A fifteen foot cord helps to ensure employee safety, while the LCD screen assists in accurate readouts. - Tare function covers the full range of the unit’s capacity - Choose between Lb / Kg readout. Scale base CC#: 89-127A1 Indicator CC#: 12-112

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