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Little Giant 14016-001 Alta One Type 1 Model 22-foot Ladder

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Feature: - Heavy-wall aircraft-grade aluminum construction - Offers multiple configurations, as an A-frame,staircase,extension, 90-degree ladder or as a scaffolding system - Complies with all applicable OSHA ANSI A14.2 standards - Rated to hold up to 250 lbs and is lightweight and portable.Triple-Locking Hinge.A-Frame max height- 9 feet;A-Frame min height-5 feet;Extension max height-19 feet;Extension min height- 11 feet;Storage height- 5'7' inches. - Storage Depth:8.5 inches M22 alta one, type 1 articulating ladder, shrink wrapped, extension height 11' to 19', stepladder height 5' to 9', scaffolding height 5', storage height 5' 7", 250 lb rated.

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