Serrated Flange Nut

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Serrated flange nuts are nuts with a wide flange at the one end that acts as an integrated/non-spinning washer. These are mostly hexagonal in shape and are manufactured in hardened steel and usually coated in zinc and passive. It is one of the most popular nuts in industries like dry-dock repairing, marina docks, water treatment & purification, boat manufacturing, pallet racking hardware, modular building, office lighting fixtures and steel manufacturing.

Water Treatment
Water Purification Plants
Steel Fabricators
Pump Manufacturers
Pallet Racking Hardware
Outdoor Lighting
Office Lighting Fixtures
Modular Building
Marina Docks & Trailers
Dry-dock Repairs & Shipbuilding
Doors & Loading Docks
Conveyor Systems & Dry-Cleaning
Bulkheads & Retaining Walls
Boat Manufacturers
Alternative / Renewable Energy

Steel Grade 2 SAE J429
18-8 Stainless Steel

Zinc Clear

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