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Model 170 Mixer Blender

The Model 170 industrial Mixer Blender reduces the standard deviation to within a fraction of a percent.

Heavy-Duty 304 or 316 S.S. Construction
USDA/FDA Approved
Capacities: 50-Pounds to 15,000-Pound Units
Agitation Options: Paddle, Overlapping Paddle, Ribbon, Solid Flight
Discharge Options: End Discharge, Bottom Discharge, Full-End Discharge, P.D. Pump
Finish Options: Bead-Blast, Passivated, 2B, #4 or Electropolishing
Flange Mounted Drives
Vacuum or Non-Vacuum Operation
Temperature Control Options: ASME Dimple Jacketing, Steam Injection, CO2 Injection
For comparison purposes, capacities shown are based on 50 lbs./ft3 for fresh meat and could vary according to specific product mix.

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